It is no news that high levels of stress can impact our physical body, mind and impact our ability to make sound decisions. In today’s world where we are overloaded with information and applauded for multi-tasking, stress is a natural symptom that we all experience in one form or another. Stress can impact our sleep, diet, energy and our mood.

No matter what your current situation is, trying this method will provide instant relief and help you clear your mind. I would recommend to utilize this method on a daily basis and practice when you are feeling stressed.

When you are stressed, put one hand on your heart and another hand on your belly. Monitor with your hands to make sure that your breathing through your belly and take five breathes. With each breathe, try to breathe deeply and longer if possible. As you breathe, notice the thoughts that are crossing your mind and kindly let them pass with each breath. Realize they are thoughts and not reality. As you breathe, notice all the sensations in your body as you breathe deeply.

If you have never done this exercise before, I would recommend to try it while laying down if possible. You can start with counting up to five breaths. You can continue to exercise for longer if needed.

You will notice that your breathing is not as shallow and your heart rate is slowing down. You may even experience being in a state of relaxation. You can go back to your daily activity and utilize this exercise when you start feeling stressed.

Daily meditation for as less as five minutes can help relieve stress, help with sleep, having more energy and feeling happier. Give yourself some peace of mind and notice how focusing on your breathing can bring change in your day.

If your current situation is more complicated and stress is hindering your daily functioning, I recommend you seek help and talk to someone. I offer individual therapy and coaching for clients helping them thrive through life transitions. Please visit my contact page and set up a time for your free phone consultation.